DAB+ and Radio Transmitters

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Note: Malta uses the newer DAB+ standard for all digital radio broadcasts. Therefore, if you wish to listen to digital radio in Malta, you will need a DAB+ compatible radio.

The first DAB+ broadcasts commenced in 2008 on frequency block 6A, with block 6C following in 2012. These two frequencies broadcast most of the stations. A further frequency block, 12A, is used for a variety of test and trial services.

All of the multiplexes that operate on the three frequencies are operated by Digi B Network. You can find their website at www.digibnetwork.com.

6A Station List

6C Station List

12A Station List

Analogue Radio

A total of 13 stations broadcast to Malta on FM, with Radju Malta 1 also available on AM (999MW). More details on these transmissions will follow soon.